California Ripon

In the county of San Joaqin, California there is a city named Ripon. Ripon is also known as Murphy's Farry and Stanislaus City. The city was later called Ripon after a city in England. Ripon produces a high amount of almonds every year and this greatly contributes to its economic standing. Ripon is an agriculture based city.

Ripon has a population of over fourteen thousand. There are almost three thousand families with children under the age of eighteen. There are also almost five hundred single moms representing households and almost three hundred unmarried couples sharing a household. The average household consists of two people and families consist of three to four.

Ripon is highly populated of people within the ages of 18-44. These ages make up more than fifty percent of Ripon's population. This puts people over the age of 65 at less than a third. Ripon is also populated with more women than men. There are 92 men for every 100 women. The vacancy rate of homes is less than two percent.

Ripon CA

The middle class income per family is a little over sixty thousand dollars a year. Men alone brought in practically fifty thousand a year while women only brought in twenty five thousand. Only six percent of Ripon's population is considered below poverty level.

There are five options of elementary schools with in Ripon's borders for students to choose from. All of these elementary level schools have aptitude scores of over eight hundred. There are two high schools but only one is located with in the Ripon School District which is Ripon high school. Colony Oak, Ripon, Ripona, and Weston are all California Distinguished Elementary schools.